Me the Nutritionist

Me the Nutritionist

I am not the wellest 40-year-old around. In fact, you could argue I am probably the unwellest 40-year-old you know. If a virus is to be got, I will get it. Despite dilligent hand washing, shielding my face if someone sneezes in the vicinity and using my knuckle to push lift buttons or opening a door at an unusual point on the handle, I still seem to get all and sundry.

I think my genetic makeup just makes me very susceptible, although my parents weren’t particularly ill. I also remember reading somewhere that the appendix was thought to be linked to immunity and as I lost that at 11 years old, so that might be my problem. I know I spent a lot of my 18th, 19th and 20th year with various illnesses until a doctor eventually suggested I should whip out my tonsils to prevent infections. It worked, I didn’t get another ear, nose and throat infection. Unfortunately I still get cold viruses.

I’m also on a mild immune suppressant for my Ankylosing Spondylitis. This could be lowering my already awful immune system further. Either way, it’s pretty miserable getting all these illnesses.

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