Me and My Style

Me and My Style

Me and My Style This year I wanted to branch out into a more varied content. One of the things I wanted to share was my style, more photography than writing.

I don't kid myself that I have a great sense of style, that people would want to copy, as far as clothing and the way I dress. I don't think I dress badly, but I do dress for me! I was taught by my mum to enhance your good bits (my mum has great style). So I do tend to dress in cleavage enhancing tops, and leggings (or thick tights) with short skirts.

I am a big lass and, even at my slimmest, I was never 'skinny'. I guess you could say I'm 'curvy'.

The style I am known for though, is my hair. I've actually been to have it cut and styled today, this is how it currently looks:

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