Me and Mine July 2013

Me and Mine July 2013 We don’t often get us all together in one place of a picture so I’m not able to join this wonderful link every month, but our boy came home to visit in July – you can see some of our adventures here.

Trying to fit so many family visits in over the space of just a couple of days, I completely forgot to stage a family portrait – until that is we were  at Stansted and he was going to rush off to catch his plane. So it’s not the same beautiful quality as the others in the link, it doesn’t have a wonderful backdrop or perfect lighting, and I’m sad that our beautiful Irish baby (Splosh’s partner) wasn’t there with us, but right now it’s my favourite picture.

So here’s my family portrait for the month, taken on my phone, as he was about to dash off through the gate towards the Arctic circle on his grand adventure!

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