Me and Liz Jones

I have this friend who likes to encourage me with my writing. He thinks I should be writing a regular column for a national newspaper or magazine (so do I, as it happens). Last time I saw him, we were chatting and he said "there you go, you could be the next Liz Jones - the one people like!"

At first, I was a bit insulted to be compared to Liz Jones. She's hated by many, and I don't think much of her views on most things.

Then I remembered reading her book years ago. It's called Liz Jones's Diary: How One Single Girl Got Married and it's filled with self loathing and disappointment. I remember at the time, I kind of related to her and the way she felt about herself. She's no longer with her husband. Nirpal Dhaliwal had several affairs before they split up. She was largely portrayed as a neurotic harridan who drove him away with her weird habits and obsession with animals. She says herself she probably made herself unlovable. 

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