McCalls 5850 Summer Dress Pattern Review (From A Bedsheet!)

McCalls 5850 Summer Dress Pattern Review (From A Bedsheet!) | Catherine Makes

This month finances have been tight, there have been car repairs and furniture buying, road tax and travel. All of this boring, necessary, grown up spending didn’t leave much room for me to buy fun and crafty things or to buy new clothes. Upcycling is at the heart of crafting, so when I wanted to make a new summer dress and couldn’t really justify spending any money on new fabric, I had a scout round the house for household textiles that I could use instead. After eyeing up the curtains in various rooms (and only being put off by the laboriousness of having to make new ones) I came across the perfect solution – a bedsheet! I love the faded pastel striped pattern on this sheet, so pretty for summer and one sheet is plenty to make a full dress.

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