Matisse – Toddlers’ Day Out

Matisse – Toddlers’ Day Out

You know how we love a bit of culture here at Ville de Brighton. When Little G’s London living cousin invited us up for a visit to the current Matisse ‘Cut Outs’ exhibition at the Tate Modern, we jumped at the chance.

Cousin L and his Mummy and Daddy met us at London Bridge (close to where we used to live nearly 12 years ago…wowzers). We then had a super walk along the South Bank to the Tate Modern. I seriously think this is one of the best walks in London…and being away from cars, it’s super toddler friendly too. The sun shone and we strolled and people watched (and occasionally ran after the toddler cousins who were in their element).

Doing the South Bank – London Bridge to Tate Modern

We walked from London Bridge, through Borough Market (picking up a few snacks enroute), past the Golden Hind ‘pirate’ ship (great if your child is into pirates!) ….along Clink Street, past the old prison…(sadly no skeleton hanging outside anymore…anyone else remember that?)...

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