#MatchaMay with teapigs : How do you matcha?

#MatchaMay with teapigs : How do you matcha?

It's day 7 of #MatchaMay and I am absolutely in love with teapigs matcha!!! I honestly did not expect it to work as efficiently, and effectively, as it really claims to! My biggest concern was feeling 'wired' or agitated but this has never made itself even remotely known. I'm still working on the geeking behind matcha but it's a slow process - especially with life and health craziness right now.

I take my matcha when I wake up, on an empty stomach with my usual 'first drink' of the day: hot water with a good amount of fresh lemon juice. This keeps me going all day. I don't miss my coffee boost one bit! During hardcore revision time, I can totally seeing myself adding another bonus shot into my afternoon to propel me through the torture!

This week I have been getting to know matcha and ways to prepare it. With products like this, I think it is important to be as simple and clean as possible. However, matcha is very versatile! I still can't get to grips with an accurate description of the flavour matcha has and it's really starting to frustrate me... Anyway!

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