Mary Berry's Cookery Course - A step-by-step masterclass in home cooking

For fans of Mary Berry and Bake Off this book is one for the Christmas list. Mary takes us through all kinds of dishes, from starters to mains, soups to salmon, and each recipe features lovely photographs to whet your appetite (and show you what the result should look like, handy if like me you're not a great chef). There's also step-by-steps, which are something I always look for in a recipe book, especially if it's something I haven't cooked before and I'm not sure how it should look at the different prep stages.

I love the blurb for the book, which states: "Technique Masterclasses and Secrets of Success features show you how to do things 'the Mary way'... Find out how Mary gets her roast chicken skin so crispy and how she ensures her apple pie never has a soggy bottom..."

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