Marshmallow Vodka & Marshmallowtini cocktail

Marshmallow Vodka & Marshmallowtini cocktail Marshmallow vodka 1 small bottle of vodka - 35cl 10-15 large homemade vanilla marshmallows, cut into small cubes or as many store-bought marshmallows as you can fit in your jar, cut into small cubes

You will need 1 small lidded jar

Method 1. Thoroughly clean and dry your jar. 2. Cut the marshmallows really small and add to the jar. 3. Pour the vodka and close the jar. Keep in the fridge and leave to infuse for a couple of days. The marshmallows will turn the vodka a bit cloudy. 4. Strain the vodka through a sieve and keep chilled. You can use the mallows to garnish your drinks but beware they are extremely strong - don't go munching on them!

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