Marrow and Ginger Jam

Marrow and Ginger Jam

If you grow courgettes or you know some-one who grows courgettes, sooner or later you will find you have either a courgette that got away and turned into a marrow or a marrow or 3 will be given to you by friends who have suffered the same fate. Worse still you may even grow marrows and soon you may well find yourself drowning in them.

What can you make with an excess of marrow?

Some people apparently like it lightly steamed (not my favourite I have to confess) Various marrow chutney recipes are possible Stuffed with mince or spiced vegetables makes a tasty meal

Or, for something a bit different, I suggest Marrow and Ginger Jam. It may seem odd to be making jam from a marrow but I can assure when mixed with the sugar and the ginger it makes a really tasty preserve.

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