Marinated Paneer Salad

Marinated Paneer Salad

I often make salads with cheese and I often cook Indian food.   I often marinate the meats I am using, but I forget to treat the vegetarian options with as much care at the preparation stage.  I decided it was time I tried paneer again and give it the type of marinade I might use on a piece of chicken.

Admittedly, I was also inspired by an @SaveraPaneer recipe card and adapted this from their chermoula marinated paneer, apricot and rocket salad.   The ingredients for the marinade go quite a long way and after I’d picked the cubes of paneer out to cook them, the remaining marinade was really delicious stirred into the yoghurt with some cucumber to make a raita.   I hadn’t cooked paneer like this before and I found it was slightly dry if I ate it by itself but eaten with some of the raita it was so so tasty.

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