Marhaba +960 Maldives!

Marhaba +960 Maldives!

The Maldives Experience November 2013 - Darya's fifth flight at 2 years 2months.

By now, you have seen me mastered running out of the country on a very short notice. (That is if my annual leave and my personal financial department allow me to.. Ha-ha)

Suddenly I feel so stifled and I just need to get out of my boring routine. I have to agree that being a mother isn't my best forte but leaving you, my little miss drama behind is never on my agenda.

You go wherever I go buddy. No other choice, sorry.

So one day, while hanging out at a girlfriend's place, still in our Pjs and trying to coax you to eat lunch, we were speaking in jest of WHERE SHOULD I TAG FOR YOUR FLIGHT 8 (a nickname we gave each other with reference to our shoe sizes. I am 7.) Frankfurt, Munich, Zurich and voila Maldives came up.

I busted my savings a wee bit on getting the tickets but I badly needed to get out of Singapore. Plus your Aby was in Dubai. Heh.

1 and a half weeks later, all ready and packed at the airport!

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