March traditions and celebrations in Romania

March traditions and celebrations in Romania

In my home country Romania, spring starts on 1st of March with the celebration of Martisor. But Martisor is not the only tradition for the month of March. We also have "Babele" and "40 Mucenici" and the 8th of March which is "Mother's Day".

Babele The first 9 days of March are called “Babe” and as you can imagine they are very important for Romanians. I grow up following all the Romanian traditions as taught by my grandmother and she was also very religious. This tradition persuades every single person to pick a day and if that day will be beautiful and sunny then it means that the rest of your entire year will be the same. Obviously if the weather will be bad and it will rain than it's bad news!

“Babe” or the articulated noun “Babele” means “old ladies” in Romanian and it has derived from an agricultural tradition used by people to predict how the year is going to turn out. In the rural sides of the country “Babele” has the same meaning today as it had once, still being an

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