Maple Strawberry cookies

Maple Strawberry cookies t was a brilliant day out and I already have plans to return and spend some time at the craft village opposite.  I was informed by the helpful people at the shop that next week should yield more strawberries and some corn.  Although corn carries a points value, corn on the cob is well worth it.

We picked up some beetroot for the soup made at the weekend for only 25p a head - although the ones I picked myself were a little small in comparison to the professionally picked ones in the shop!

Anyway, on with the recipe.  This is an adapted recipe from Simon Rimmer's Seasoned Vegetarian and was a decent baking exercise with D - mainly through measuring and a little bit of mixing.  It needs a bit of preparation time - two hours for sorting out the strawberry pieces can drag a little when you have a three year old.  He did enjoy laying out the strawberry though and making sure that it didn't overlap.

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