Making our Christmas cards

Making our Christmas cards This year I said I'd make my own Christmas cards. It's something I aspire to every year... but somehow every year the last posting date hurtles towards me more quickly than the previous year and the inevitable happens... I run out of time. Every year! This year though it was different, I'm not sure if it was the ridiculously early trips to buy supplies (in the year, not in the day), or the public proclamations (the first one was in August, I think) that did it, but this year I actually did it. Of course having more time helped, but typically despite having plans and supplies I didn't start until late November!

It all started on Pinterest, like so many of my crafting aspirations do. I'd seen some delightful little paper trees on gift tags made from a semi-circle, folded simply. How hard can that be I thought - well, once I'd found something round and suitably sized for my cards, it wasn't actually that hard. Phew! Infact the hardest thing was working out if I had a book I'd be ready to sacrifice...


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