Making my Money Grow!

Making my Money Grow!

Making my Money Grow!

I was recently asked to join in with a project, in conjunction with Debt Free Direct. They have asked me to have a go at growing my own veggies, to see if it saves me money!  Making my money grow.......get it?!

Now us here, in Ojo's World, do like any suggestion for saving money. So, obviously, I jumped at the chance! The first thing they asked me to do was go online shopping..........Yeah, that was a real problem (shhh, I can hear you laughing!).

I will say, the original items for starting my little veggie patch were supplied, free of charge. I did, however, get the joy of going to Wilkos online to pick the items needed. 

Now I have a reasonable size garden, but I also have 3 children and a dog. So I wanted to show that you can 'grow your own' even in a small garden. 

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