Making lifestyle changes when you're thrown a curve ball

Making lifestyle changes when you're thrown a curve ball

I had been feeling unwell and not myself for a while, and as always I put it off due to time restrictions. I mainly put it down to stress and feeling a little depressed. Things haven't been easy here with Paul loosing his job, finances are a big concern and being self employed means I just can't afford to be ill, now more than ever so I plod on.

Tiredness was the main issue, of course I keep antisocial hours which doesn't help and I only work in the evenings once the kids are asleep. However this was a different type of tired. One I've known well before. I was convinced I was anemic again.

At the doctors we discussed symptoms etc. And she decided it was best to run a few blood tests. Run an MOT on everything to see what was wrong.

We both fully expected it to come back and say I was anemic, I even told her jokingly on the way out to just leave my Spatone prescription in reception next week.

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