Making Apple Jelly and Taming Cats

Making Apple Jelly and Taming Cats

We are growing lots of vegetables in the garden at the moment and recipes for cooking and using up broad beans, rhubarb and courgettes have been tried and tested. The apples are beginning to fall and I am collecting the windfalls to make apple jelly. We have beautiful lilies in flower at them moment. Like this beautiful orange one

or this beautiful white one

The agapanthus I brought back from Jersey years ago continues to flourish year on year and a sure sign that summer is on its way out is the sedums which are slowly turning pink

Sadly also lurking in our garden are two cats.They are metal cut outs with marble eyes. They are meant to scare which ever cat is continually making a mess on the lawn.

They don't work but it has been fascinating to watch the antics of the neighbouring cats and of my husband.!! Don't get me wrong we like cats and have had three cats of our own over the years but my husband turns into Basil Fawlty at the sign of cat muck!!

The first cat who came into our garden this week tried to out -stare th

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