Making a Start.

Making a Start. - Verily, Victoria Vocalises....

Today I am making a start on a new diet. The Exante Diet to be precise. I hadn’t heard of them until they got in contact with me and offered me the opportunity to review their products.

Over the last year I have gradually put on the pounds I’m afraid. This time last year I was going great guns with the Dukan Diet. I was on week 10 and weighed in at 149lbs. Fast forward a year which includes a regular diet of wine, bread and cheese in France last June on holiday which continued with the feeling of being ‘on holiday’ in our new home, coupled with MUCH less exercise and Christmas and I have gained just over 30lbs. Far. Too. Much. Especially given that I want to continue to act and the fact that I am in pain with my shoulder.

Exante state that they are the UK’s largest online meal replacement company and thousands have effectively lost weight with them. They also state that they have the lowest priced meal replacement products – all of which contain 100% RDA for nutrients and vitamins.

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