Making a Child's Dalmatian Costume and Makeup

Making a Child's Dalmatian Costume and Makeup Firstly, as a bit of a caveat, I AM NOT one of those mums. I’m fairly useless at most things mums are supposed to be good at and I’m not very “crafty” at all, however, I am a big believer that with practice and exposure to what other people do, you can do a half decent job making things for your children.

A case in point is birthday cake making. I am not very good, but I’m a darn sight better than I was 4 years ago, because I kept doing it, googling it, reading other people’s stuff, emailing cake suppliers on how to do things and they aren’t massive disasters anymore. I’m definitely not going to start baking for other people, but I can get by.

Making costumes is just about practice and imagination and most importantly, you have to feel a sense of achievement when you do it. These things get worn for a few hours and inevitably discarded, so if you are ....

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