Make and bake, confidence cake

Make and bake, confidence cake

Last week an interesting article by Huma Qureshi in the Guardian explored the idea that baking can build confidence and bring about better mental health. Part of the feature's inspiration was a clever initiative by Miss Cakehead: the Depressed Cake Shop, a series of pop-ups across the country selling grey cakes with vibrantly coloured centres, many of which will have been baked by people who have, or are still experiencing, mental health problems.

I'm convinced that preparing food can be therapeutic. The art of baking is something that plenty of new parents indulge in, and I don't think it's simply because of a subconscious reaction to some 1950s diktat telling us that, because we are at home, caring for children, we must also engage in the other 'associated' crafts, like homemaking and baking. No: there's something about stirring, kneading and mixing, creating delicious aromas and tasty treats to pop into the mouths of grateful little people (and our own) that perks up the senses and brightens the soul .

I know my own culinary skills have improved since having children.

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