#MagicMoments: 12th August

#MagicMoments: 12th August

For the first time ever, I sat here on Sunday afternoon and thought, ooh, it's that there Magic Moments linky tomorrow, what shall I write about? Usually, I don't remember a linky is happening until I see a tweet about it on the actual day.

So any way, I'm sitting here wondering what to write about, and then I look up, and see that S is playing Peekaboo with herself in the mirrored film I put on the cabinet.

A little further observation found that actually, she spends a lot of time in front of the mirrored film. I put it up a few months ago, but since then I suppose she's not really spent much time on the play mats; she's been at nursery, or we've been out and about, or had visitors who've taken up most of her attention. Today is probably the first day in a while where she's had more than an hour to just pootle about and entertain herself.

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