Magic at bedtime

Magic at bedtime

For some time now, small daughter and I have been reading the Harry Potter books at bedtime. We're gradually working our way through the whole series, although it's taking some time as the later books are huge and we don't always read a full chapter. Our collection of books is a bit battered - we've picked them up in library sales and charity shops as big daughter wanted read them all years ago, but they're all still readable and small daughter doesn't mind.

I've never read the books before - all the hype that surrounded the books and the films when they were first published and in the cinemas put me off somewhat; I'm not one for hype. I'm glad we're reading them now, though. Small daughter is thoroughly enjoying them and I'm enjoying reading them to her. Sometimes she reads pages to me, but mostly she enjoys snuggling up in her bed, wrapped up in homemade blankets and just listening.

Do we ever grow out of being read to? I don't think we do, otherwise there wouldn't be any demand for audio books. It's just that as we get older, we don't think to read to another adult.

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