Lush, Gooey Chocolate Brownies!

Lush, Gooey Chocolate Brownies!

Just as I decided to do a post on lush, gooey chocolate brownies, I was reminded of when getting bake sale notices from my children’s school made me break out into a sweat because I could’nt bake! Clearly, less in the know about how people turned their noses up at shop bought, I ended up sending a few boxes of supermarket goodies, which sadly never got sold! Whilst volunteering at one of these events I felt very sorry for my little cakes that were the last to go…well, they either got distributed amongst us volunteers or were the begrudging buy of a late mum toting a sulking child! :) I remember telling myself that if I wanted to survive British schooling, I needed to learn to bake. And so I did-(for a long time with my good friend, Betty Crocker!)

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