Low fat, low sugar banana muffins

Dietitian UK: Low fat, low sugar banana muffins.

Bananas and Baking, one of my favourite combinations. We often have a couple of bananas hanging around earmarked for mummy to bake with as no-one like over-ripe bananas in our house. This weekend I decided to move away from our beloved flapjacks and try out some muffins. I’d seen a recipe somewhere that used yoghurt and banana with hardly any sugar or fat and that had got stuck in my mind, Of course I have no idea what the recipe was or where it was and it was a wheat containing recipe…. so this is where my baking brain took me. The result. A lovely moist, springy muffin that has little hidden gems of banana hidden inside. These are going to be come a regular in our house and lend themselves to all kinds of variations. Chocolate chips, raisins, dried cranberries mmmmm.

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