LOVE - I dream of Daisy

LOVE - I dream of Daisy

It's Valentines weekend and in a short space of time we have been exposed to the vast array of gifts received by loved ones, spread over the social networks quicker than a case of genital herpes; I find my eyes roll. Of course my feelings on Love are somewhat warped, yes I am a seasoned love cynic. Love has destroyed me somewhat. What does Love mean to you? For me it’s about mutual respect and trust. Love is something we feel for someone or something and can even be described as a chemical reaction in the brain. Some may confuse love with other feelings, like lust, which will most certainly return to haunt you. Growing up I always felt loved by my parents, grandparents and friends. We were not really a tactile family, but just because some don’t express love with words doesn’t mean they don’t love you. The same as some people can throw out empty words but don’t really mean it. It’s not always about how much you say it, but more how much you prove it’s true.

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