Love another mother

Love another mother

I have very few mummy friends, and even fewer mummy friends that I really feel I can be myself and open up too. I feel that all sense of community in the real world has gone and been replaced with competitiveness and one-upmanship. I hate it, but I find myself doing it which I hate even more. I first moved to Cheltenham when I was 7 months pregnant with Daniel and the only person I knew was Leon. I was literally starting from scratch when it came to making friends and as a naturally shy person in new situations so I was always going to find this a bit tricky…..

I found baby and toddler groups to be particularly difficult places. From my experience a lot of the mothers already know each other and make very little effort to make new friends as they already have their solid group of 4 or 5 that they regularly meet up with. Or they are shy like me and will happily make polite conversation with another shy mum but then that will be it and you will probably never strike up a real friendship.

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