Lost your running mojo? Try these 10 winter running tips

Lost your running mojo? Try these 10 winter running tips

I’m feeling pretty irritated with myself at the moment.

I seem to have lost my running mojo.

It’s funny that, because I counted myself as a fairly serious runner through the spring and summer. I even trained for a half marathon, which meant waking up at 5.30am before the kids were awake twice a week – usually the only time I can fit in a run on weekdays.

By the end of September, I was managing a weekly long run of 15 miles, and I completed the half marathon in a personal best time. I was enormously proud of myself, and even discussed tackling a whole marathon next autumn.

But then suddenly the weather turned, the temperatures dropped and the days got shorter. When I pulled back my bedroom blind at 5.30am, it began to feel dark and uninviting. It didn’t take long before I stopped setting my alarm for crazy o’clock mid-week.

So while I feel sad that all my hard work and hard-won fitness is fast evaporating, I can’t seem to uncover my running mojo in order to do anything about it.

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