Losing gracefully – a life lesson

Losing gracefully – a life lesson

It’s life, and though we, as adults, know that you can’t always win – it’s the taking part, the recognition, the fun of the event that matters – you my children have still to learn how to cope with the emotions that come from not always being the best. It wasn’t your day, someone else was more popular in the moment that mattered, your turn will come…

But it’s so hard to look at your face – brave all day long in front of your classmates – crumple in disappointment once you’re home. It’s hard to know that whatever lessons you’re learning now, there are more to come, fiercer, harder, tougher lessons than this one. I have learned them, and yet still I find myself knocked sideways occasionally by something I thought I could take in my stride. You get back up, of course, you put a brave face on things when it matters, and you cry when you get home.

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