Los Roques, Venezuela

Los Roques, Venezuela

Our 2007 trip to Venezuela included staying in the jungle, walking behind a waterfall (yes that one below top right!) and visiting the spectacular Angel Falls. We then left Canaima National Park via a 4 seated Cessna bound for the historic Ciudad Bolívar.

Having endured cold showers every day in the jungle and survived with limited clothing (everyone had to leave their suitcases on the mainland), the promise of a hotel in Margarita was almost too great. That first shower was probably the best I’ve ever experienced! Our two days in Margarita were spent exploring El Yaque Beach and doing very little.

Once re-charged we traveled from Porlamar to Los Roques – an archipelago encompassing coral reef islands and sandy cays. There’s no airport to speak of at Los Roques, just an airstrip. It was a nerve wracking descent just above the sea (literally!) but we landed safely.

Los Roques is 11 degrees above the Equator so its incredibly hot but the scenery is breathtaking. Most residents, and visitors, live on the island of El Gran Roque which comprises of white sandy streets, colourful homes, tiny shops and accommodation. Locals walked everywhere barefoot.

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