Looking For The Silver Lining - January

Looking For The Silver Lining - January

A few things have made me happy things month.

Simple little things really, like watching Flower and Bear playing together. Or playing trains with Flower. Seeing Bear's smile whenever he sees me. Or having a cwtch with my two babies. I'll miss that when they get too big to both sit on my lap at the same time.

Listening to Flower sining 'Ring o Rosies' and hearing her say 'half a tissue' instead of achoo makes me smile so much! And hearing her say 'bother' when something doesn't go her way. She's also started calling me 'mother' sometimes. I really have no idea where she got that from! Although the fact that she's started calling me 'auntie Michelle' too isn't quite so cute!

Lunch out with friends was good too. And being able to have an adult conversation or really any conversation that doesn't involve In The Night Garden or 'No Flower! Don't drag your brother around the room like that!'

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