Looking for the silver lining - February

Looking for the silver lining - February

Spring is coming and starting to show it's face with buds on the trees.

This bad weather has indirectly made me smile. There's a river near us that has face sculptures in the rocks and while I was walking past there, water was gushing over the rocks and made it look like the face was crying. The picture doesn't really do it justice, but here we go.

Flower's behaviour is getting so much better. She's even had Star Of The Week in school. Definitely something to be proud of!

Reading to Flower and Bear. They love books. Their current favourites are Bear On A Bike, We're Going On A Bear Hunt and Sometimes I Feel Sunny. The last book is in Welsh and English and if you go onto the Book Start website you can hear an audio recording of the book in Welsh. (Not that I need it of course!) Flower's got so used to We're Going On A Bear Hunt that she reads it back to me as I'm reading it to her. I hope this love of books lasts a lifetime!

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