Looking for a Female Driving Instructor in Somerset?

Looking for a Female Driving Instructor in Somerset?

Many newcomers to this blog probably aren’t aware that up until just under a year ago I was still in my main profession. A Qualified Driving Instructor – or ADI (Approved Driving Instructor) as the Driving Standards Agency call us.

When we moved to Crewkerne last June, Ross and I agreed that I should give the blogging a go as a full-time earner. I guess I didn’t fully understand the implications at the time but I was getting sent many opportunities including reviews and sponsored posts. At the beginning of the year I explained how I felt like I was losing control of my blog and I felt like it wasn’t my voice anymore. I don’t want to be scrabbling over posts with other bloggers, trying to earn a living. I miss the rewarding feeling of seeing someone pass their driving test, knowing that when I first took them out, many of them hadn’t even sat in a drivers seat before. So, I am going back to being a part-time Driving Instructor in the Crewkerne area, with the nearest test centre being Yeovil.

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