Longer School Hours - Are You Crazy?!

Longer School Hours - Are You Crazy?!

Paul Kirby, a former Conservative advisor, has proposed a change to education that would see children at school between 9 and 6 every day, 45 weeks a year. He says that it will prepare children better for a life of work. Then today saw Michael Gove getting in on the act with similar suggestions for longer school hours. Good. Because my two-year old is already showing a massive lack of ambition. He doesn’t work at all – cheeky sod, and even when he starts pre-school in a few weeks, he will only be doing a 5 hour week, which is frankly down right lazy and not the sort of behaviour that will get the economy moving again at all. I for one cannot wait until he is four years old and finally faces up to the reality of life by attending school for 40 plus hours a week. His life is far too easy, all play doh and napping. He needs to get his head around the miserable monotony of the working week and he needs to do it soon, if you put it off until adulthood you are just wasting years of your life having a nice time.

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