Long ago and far away there was a world made of wonder ...

Long ago and far away there was a world made of wonder ...

“Long ago and far away there was a world of wonder. The gods filled it with oceans and mountains,with astonishing beasts and with people like us. Then the gods grew tired. They liked to lie in the clouds, eating cake and taking naps.”

Mouse Bird Snake Wolf is David Almond’s latest book and a book I have fallen in love with. Illustrated by David McKean, this almost biblical in style story, is brought to life through powerful expressive drawings. The illustration of the chubby gods lazing in the clouds eating cake, instead of creating new wonderful things for the world is brilliant. The themes of complacency and arrogance are introduced as the gods congratulate each other on the amazing world they have created.

‘There are no other worlds like this one.There are no other gods like us.We are indeed the best of all the gods in the best of all worlds”.

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