Lone Tree

Lone Tree When do you ever see a lone tree? I mean a tree that is so far from anything else that it can be photographed like this?

They are so rare in my experience that years late I still remember another tree – a tree that was all alone in the middle of a ploughed field – one that I used to pass sometimes when I lived deep in the countryside in England.

In fact there were other trees not that far from the tree in this photo – after all it was on Soldiers Field in the city of Leeds. But it was a winter’s day and there was snow on the ground. And it was misty, and that made all the difference.

Soldiers Field is part of Roundhay Park and it has a history. It was where troops gathered before going off to fight in the First World War.

It doesn’t take much imagination to picture the young men joking as they talked about ‘being home for Christmas’.

There is a hillside named Hill 60 in Roundhay Park that commemorates soliders from Leeds who died in the First World War in battles around Hill 60 near Ypres.


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