London’s Science Museum: our highlights

London’s Science Museum: our highlights London’s museumland, the strip of road in South Kensington that’s home to the Science Museum, V&A and Natural History Museum, has a lot of appeal to parents. Most of it’s completely free of charge; the museum buildings are cavernous, so there’s rarely too much jostling and bumping into people; and you will always find something there to engage your youngster.

The downside: there’s much, too much to see and do in one day. Exploring all that just one of the museums has to offer, would take at least six days. So it’s easy to end a day in museumland feeling tired, footsore, and slightly disappointed that you missed out on that remarkable collection.

On the couple of occasions I’ve taken five-year-old Austin to the Science Museum, I’ve set a time limit and let him guide me – if he’s enjoying a particular section, we’ve stayed there until he’s had enough. If he’s starting to look a bit bored, we move on.


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