Living Room Tour

Living Room Tour

Welcome to my Living Room Tour!

We have a small joke in our house that certain rooms belong to each one of us. Rooms where I can mess up because it’s mine and Mr. P. can mess up because it’s his and the children of course (no they don’t have their space) they can mess up Daddy’s room because he is at work. haha I claimed this space long before it was even decorated. I like watching out the front window people passing by, on their way to work, or walking their kids to school. I also claimed it because it’s the only room in the house besides bedrooms that has carpet. I hate cold feet, and I hate wearing socks so carpet is a must for me.

So here is MY living room otherwise known in the UK as a front room or lounge. When I first was thinking of what I would do with this space, I was sat on the floor, with a huge swollen belly, two weeks late with Buba and nothing was in this space yet.

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