Living Room Revamp Part 1

Living Room Revamp Part 1

Yesterday I moaned blogged about my hatred for our living room, and the fact that I had been mopping about the fact that I hated the room all week.

It is a great warm room for the winter, but the summer months it just doesn’t work.

It was decorated 6 years ago and I have just got totally fed up with it, but with next to nothing budget, due to the wedding all week I thought that I would just have to carry on living with it and hating it as there wasn’t much else I could do.

I hit Pinterest hard for ideas and came up with none.

Then the duvet laying on the floor for Boo to roll around on inspired me.

Last night I started a bit of a revamp.

A few months ago we moved our sofas round to make more space, and because I hated the room. They really can’t go anywhere else so they have to stay where they are.

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