Living Life and Blossoming

Living Life and Blossoming

Living Life and Blossoming I have been watching the series Fat: The Fight Of Their Lives on Sky Living. It was the last in the series last night, but I have put the link up, so you can get an idea of the programme, if you didn't watch.

I haven't missed an episode, this series, and I must admit.........some of it has really hit a nerve for me.

I've stated before, I do have issues around food. I do have problems with binge eating. 

BUT I think I may finally be gaining back control.....

Since turning 40, I have genuinely started seeing life differently. Also seeing myself differently.

My confidence has blossomed. I know longer see myself as the ugly, chubby person.

Now I see myself as an attractive, curvy woman. This is a lot to do with the love of a good man, who has never seen me as anything else! I have never liked myself, I still don't like looking at my body in the mirror, but showing my husband, well, it no longer holds any fear for me.

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