Little Monkey Gets Grommets

Little Monkey Gets Grommets

Last Friday little monkey was amazing. He had to have a general anesthetic to have grommets fitted in both ears. We had to be at the hospital for 07.30 and he was to be NIL by mouth from 02.30. He could only drink clear fluids up to 06.30. I predicted this would be an issue as he usually asks for something to eat as soon as he wakes. However he did not! He let us dress him, drop his brother off at a friends and take him to the hospital, without once asking for anything to eat or drink. Even on the ward he didn't ask. The nurses on the ward were fab. They made little monkey feel welcome as soon as he arrived and immediately put 'magic' cream on both his hands to numb the area for the cannula. They put his name tag around his wrist and checked his oxygen levels, all while trying to put his mind at rest and make him feel safe. He did have a little wobble, and a little cry after all this was carried out, (so too did mummy), but he was a superstar and let them get on with their job.

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