Little Miss A gets really messy with outdoor painting!

Little Miss A gets really messy with outdoor painting!

Having not done any messy play for a while, and with not being able to get out to toddler group without a car (where Little Miss A always loved taking part in the messy play activities), last week I took the tuff spot outside with the paints.

Although it was sunny it was still quite chilly so I decided to dress her in the all in one waterproof suit that has been handed down from her brother, together with her wellies.  How much mess could she get into?!

The answer is a lot!

I thought I was prepared for a bit of mess and as we were outside it couldn’t be too bad could it?!  How wrong I was!

Little Miss A had fun for a short time mixing up all of the paints in the tuff spot, with the occasional painting on the big sheet of paper I had laid out.

Once she had had enough painting she decided it would be more fun to run off leaving paint footprints on the path and paint handprints over a lot of the outdoor toys and playhouse!


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