Little Chefs — Cooking With Your Kids

Little Chefs — Cooking With Your Kids

n many homes the kitchen is the centre of everything. From cooking to cleaning to homework and entertaining, spending time in the kitchen is inevitable which is why it should be made as enjoyable as possible.

For many mums however, cooking can sometimes be a pain when little ones are underfoot and demanding attention. One of the best ways to create fun family time and teach kids how to cook wholesome, healthy food is to incorporate them into meal preparations. Here’s how:

Stock Your Kitchen

Having plenty of food in fridge freezers is the best way to ensure that meals are healthy, quick and easy. Loading up a fridge with veg and other raw ingredients means relying less on tinned or pre-made foods.

Freezers are great not only for storing ingredients but also freezing meals that can be made ahead of time in larger batches, so even when schedules get crazy (which they will!) and there isn’t enough time to cook there are still homemade meals ready to go.

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