Little Chap Goes to the Theatre

Little Chap Goes to the Theatre

It wasn’t our first trip to the theatre with him.

We saw a Christmas pantomime last December. My mother bought tickets for all her children and grandchildren and all fifteen (!) of us went to her local theatre to see Peter Pan. That was the time Little Chap figured out where Tinkerbell was coming from (he followed the laser line back to the projector room behind us)! Then, we took Little Chap back to the same local theatre at Spring Half Term to watch a drama school stage their performance of The Jungle Book Kids. He loved both experiences, totally engaging with both and his only complaint was that the music in the pantomime was too noisy. He may not have been alone (cough).

On this occasion, Mayfair Dad and I took Little Chap on the train to Wimbledon, from where it was only a short walk to the theatre (about ten minutes). The Polka Theatre was a revelation as we entered a space entirely geared to children and adults with children...

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