Listening Reward Chart

Baba has never listened, he has always been a child that you have to tell three times at least before he actually listens and does do something. It is quite possibly one of his worse habits.

Recently his behaviour hasn’t been great and it seems that all Mr L and I do is shout at him and take things away from him. And to be fair neither are helping his behaviour.

It is all a bit miserable really none of us are happy, and we do literally just seem to shout all the time.

And then you hear it thrown back at you and a reality check hits you.

You realise things have to change!

We decided this weekend we were going to change tactic. Try to shout less! (I am not sure we will manage it) And try not to always focus on the bad behaviour focus on the good.

I am totally fed up of saying “don’t do this” “you can’t have that” it is tiring and it is so horrible to just feel like we are only ever saying negative things. No one is enjoying that.

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