Like Rain on Warm Scented Earth!

Like Rain on Warm Scented Earth!

I wish nothing ever comes along to make me stop enjoying or respecting the smell of rain of warm, scented earth! Where am I going with this? I’ll tell you..It made me chuckle to myself when some friends around me were talking about how technology has robbed man of some of his core skillsets – how true actually! Made me also think of Neil Young’s “They give you this, but you pay for that” in his famed My My, hey hey! There are no free lunches in this world! “Autopilot counterproductive as pilots scale down on skills.” ” Motorists incapacitated to read international traffic-markers as a result of over-reliance of satellite navigation!” You can stretch those headlines back to about as far back as “Hard, big-bearded man loses aim with spear as soft-around-the- edges man settles in to chow down a pot of cooked grain!”

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