Lights, movement, flamenco! 365 #11

Lights, movement, flamenco! 365 #11

I took my daughter to Sadlers Wells this week. It was a first for both of us – I had never been to the iconic dance theatre in 25 years of living in or near our capital city. It was with some trepidation that I booked the two tickets – she is only 9, and it’s serious performance, not the easy, engaging musical theatre that she loves so much.

But it is Flamenco season, and I have always wanted to go. Actually Daddy will openly admit that it leaves him cold, so I’ve been waiting until my girl was old enough to give it a go. I’ve loved Spanish dance since I lived in Andalucía (I even learned a little!) – it is exciting to hear, and to watch; it makes my hands clap to a rhythm they already seem to know.

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