#LightMEup at ME London

#LightMEup at ME London Whenever I arrive at a hotel and check in technology is the first thing I look for. Whether it’s a 3D TV, an in room iPad, keyless doors or a gold dispensing ATM machine, hotel technology fascinates me and 100% enhances my stay. I’ve previously written two articles on hotel technology and many moons ago I wrote my BA dissertation on it so it’s safe to say anything in any way related to hotels and technology I am all for.

At the beginning of the month I attended the launch of #LightMEup at ME London; a social media Christmas light installation in the hotel’s atrium. With hotels that are really design led and modern traditional Christmas trees can sometimes look a bit out of place as they don’t complement the property or its decor. But what’s great about ME London is that management is well aware of this and knows the brand, and have created something completely unique, true to the property, and in line with the hi-tech world in which we live.


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