Life's a peach - The Body Shop peach body butter

Life's a peach - The Body Shop peach body butter Well this is a blast from the past. I think the fragrance of peaches is the first I associate with the Body Shop from a long time ago and I'm really happy to see it (or should that be smell it) again.

In those heady, long ago days we were not used to creams, lotions or bubble baths that smelled like food - they smelled like Matey, or Fairy Liquid, or if you were posh, Badedas. This was something new, something you almost believed you could eat (and I bet you I'm not the only person who put that to the test at the time; as we all now know, the taste is nothing like the scent!)

Time has marched on, fruity, foody, gourmand, fragrances are everywhere and in everything, even perfume and makeup. No longer does the Body Shop make fruity bubble bath - it's all shower gel now, reflecting how bathroom habits have changed also since the late 70s/ early 80s.

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