Life Simplification

The pathway of our lives is littered with distractions. Focusing on what really matters to us; what makes a difference to who we are, what we contribute, and how we effect the lives of others is a journey that has the potential to be derailed at every turn. Life Roles

On numerous occasions I have sat and thought exactly what is important to me and what I should give my energies to pursuing. The answer has not been so obvious in forthcoming.

Each of us plays many different roles in our lives, whether it is the role of partner, parent, employee, employer, community member, or a multitude of others. We also often create a role of ourselves too and many questions arise as to how we go about portraying who we are outwardly to the world and inwardly. Are we really true to what we value and to what we seek from our lives? Do we have integrity towards our character and our personal values? Do we even know deeply what they are?

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